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Contrasting Wired Security Systems with Wireless Security Systems

1254480_84097959Wireless security is still a relatively new development in home security systems – at least, it’s still new when you consider that home security alarms have been around for decades. While it’s had lots of kinks to work out over the years since its initial development, wireless home security has become a huge boon for homeowners who are looking to install a new security system for their house. With a number of benefits over wired security, wireless security is fast becoming the most popular way of running a home security system. Some of the top security companies in the nation have gone exclusively over to wireless systems due to market demand and due to the better opportunities it has to offer both homeowners and providers. Why is wireless security so much better than wired security? First we’ll call back to wired home security to know exactly what that meant for security systems, and then we’ll discuss the improvements that wireless security has led to for home security.

Wired Home Security

Easily, or not so easily, wired security systems were set up with wiring. Usually a team of professional home security technicians would come into your home and open up the walls to reveal the power lines and wiring that you’d already had installed in your home. You could do this yourself if you were handy with wires and electrical connections, but considering the complexities of the job at hand, most people would pay trained professionals to install the system for them. If you’d chosen to work with the wiring you already had, then these technicians would connect your home security products, your alarms, the control panel, and all other necessary parts of the security system to your wiring. If you chose to use new wiring instead, they’d install the new wiring and hook everything up to the new wiring to create and connect your home security system. Then they would close everything back up, send you an expensive bill, and you’d have your wired home security system installed.

Wireless Home Security

Now, with wireless security systems, there’s no wiring to deal with. You purchase the home security system with all of its bells and whistles and then you return home to install it. There’s no complicated drawing up of plans to figure out where wiring should go and how devices should connect here or there. You may still want professionals to come help you with the installation and setting up process, but it’s far less complex and so most homeowners will do the installation themselves. This saves you from having to pay the cost of the bill for installation services provided.Couple using a notebook 175748100 Wireless security devices are all connected wirelessly; they transmit radiofrequency waves through the air to each other and to and from the central control panel. With these connections, the system is not as easy to mess with – no wires can be cut by a clever criminal who knows his way around wiring panels. And without wiring, you are far less limited on where you can put the security products in your home. You still need to be careful to make sure that they have complete connectivity through obstructions such as furniture and walls, but as long as there is a wall outlet to plug into or batteries within the device, your system will be in business.

Wireless security still has some ways to go before it is perfect, but it’s already equally as reliable as wired security, if not more so. It’s no wonder many home security companies are transitioning over to wireless home security systems.