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Attributes of a Cell Phone Security System

One of the newest and best kinds of wireless home security is the cell phone security system. 136169892-home-automationHome security used to mean spending tons of money to bring in some guys in uniforms to install wiring throughout your house and set up your system for you. Not so anymore. Now, home security is about quick and easy communication between the security devices, between you and your security system, and between your monitoring services and the both of you. Cellular alarm systems are rapidly gaining popularity over other security systems for their ease of access, ease of control, and ease of use. This is how a cell phone security system works:

1)     No wires. A cell phone security system will not need any wires for installation or connectivity. This does not make it the same thing as a wireless security system, although both are wireless. A wireless system uses radiofrequency airwaves to transmit signals back and forth between the central control panel and the security devices and between the devices and each other. Slightly different, a cell phone security system uses cellular signal networks for cell phones to connect the system devices to each other and to connect the system to its monitoring service. Also, instead of making a cellular system your primary connection, you could use cellular connectivity as a backup for a previously installed home security system. In this case, the system would be doubly guaranteed to maintain connectivity.

2)     Cellular communication. This is what makes a security system cellular and not just wireless. A cell phone security system communicates via cellular networks, making it an excellent way to resist problems with coverage and connectivity. The only homeowners who may not benefit from cellular security coverage are those who live in more remote areas where cellular coverage is poor. But most residents will find that cellular alarm systems are extremely reliable with strong connectivity due to multiple cell phone towers in the general vicinity. cell-174426932These systems are also very reliable for monitoring services because of the multiple points of contact at different locations.

3)     Remote accessibility. Because a cell phone security system uses cellular connectivity, you are always connected to it. No matter where you go, whether it’s into the city for work every day or out to the tropics for a two week vacation, as long as there’s coverage in that area by your cellular provider, you’ll be connected to your home and to your security system.

Several leading home security companies sell cellular home alarm systems, including FrontPoint, ADT, Protection 1, Vivint, Monitronics, Lifeshield, and some others. You can also find broadband internet and phone companies who could provide you with a cell phone security system, such as Verizon, Comcast XFINITY, and Cox Communications.

The major concern with cellular home security is in making sure that you have good coverage with that provider for your geographical area. And since most of the major cell phone networks are nationwide, as long as you are using one of those, this is not much of an issue. Cell phone security is a great way to stay connected to your home and its safety no matter where you are without the risk of the system failing you when you need it most.